10 Easy DIY Toys For Your Dog

10 Easy DIY Toys For Your Dog

Keeping your dog physically and mentally stimulated is great for their health. However, not all pet parents have a whole day to have fun with your pup. Dog toys keep your dog active and occupied. If your dog likes to chew through toys in record time you may want to learn how to make these simple DIY dog toys to save some money.

It is important to remember that with all toys, purchased or homemade, you should supervise your dog as much as possible for your dog’s safety. If they start to torn or break into small pieces, discard it immediately. 

Simple No Sewing DIY Chewy Toy

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Image source: Pinterest

Got some old jeans lying around? Don’t throw it out! Use them instead to create this great no sewing DIY puppy toy. Just tie strips of the denim over and over until you have a ball. Leave strips hanging down for throwing and chewing or do it however you want.

Doggie Tug Toy From an Old T-Shirt

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Image source: puppyleak

It will take you less than an hour to make this dog toy out of an old t-shirt. Cut off the seams and hems of the T-shirt. Cut the T-shirt into roughly 12 in. (30cm) strips. Then roll the T-shirt strips into sausages. Tie together three T-shirt strips with an overhand knot. Tightly braid the three strips together and secure the end of the dog toy with an overhand knot again. Trim the ends if necessary.

Rope Ball Dog Chewy Toy

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Does your dog destroy most toys within minutes? If so you’re not alone, chewer check out this easy homemade rope ball. Just remember to supervise your dog with this toy — if they start to tear up the rope itself it poses a potential choking hazard.

Interactive Tennis Ball Dog Toy

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A busy pet parent can definitely try this DIY for your fur baby. Just cut open a tennis ball and fill it with treats and you’re good to go. Your dog will play for hours with this food puzzle toy. 

The Simple Puzzle Toy

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Image source: prouddogmom

The simplest way to keep your dog busy for a while is to hide treats inside a bath towel. Just place some treats on the towel and roll it tightly. After playtime, it's easy to just toss the towel in the washing machine and there's no mess left behind! 

Homemade Dog Snuffle Mat

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Image source: socialmediathon

Cut out the base of the snuffle mat from leftover fabric. We will need to sew it twice to stabilise the mat. -make up and sew various sniffing obstacles. When finishing with all search stations, attach and sew on the second side like a pad. With this double fabric sewing, the DIY dog snuffle mat does not slip easily. 

Plastic Bottle Tug

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Image source: Amazon

If you still tend to use plastic bottles, this DIY dog toy project is ideal for you. Instead of throwing it away, you can try making a tug toy. You can use any bed sheet that is around 1 yard. You cut 4 strips that are an inch wide. These 4 strips will be the ties. The fabric left is used to cover the bottle. To secure it, you use the 4 strips. Then, you cut excess fabric and braid.

Easy DIY Dog Toys With Socks

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This DIY dog toy is perfect for puppies. Simply put treats inside a plastic bottle. Then put an old sock over the bottle, tie the end with a hair tie. Your pup will have plenty of fun with this toy. 

Apple Pie Iced Dog Treats

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Image source: paulhomemade

You might be wondering why there are dog treats on this list. These iced treats are popsicles that are toys and treats at the same time. You only need three ingredients to concoct these yummy frozen yogurt toy treats. Any shape for this treat is okay, but you can also use a silicone mold. Your dog will not mind the shape as long as it is yummy for them. You put ½ cup of unsweetened apple sauce and ½ cup of yogurt in a bowl and mix them. You can also puree some apples instead of using applesauce. Place the mixture in a mold and freeze.

Noble Pawtrait featuring your pet

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Image source: Noble Pawtrait

This might not be a great toy for your pup but 1000% sure that it will make you happy. Transforming your pet into a noble pawtrait can be achieved by a few clicks away. You can take one of your pet's photos that is high quality and feature clearly its face, then select the theme that you like, and voila, your Noble Pawtrait pet portrait canvas will arrive at your doorsteps in the next few days. 






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