Sympathy Gifts To Console Someone Who Lost Pet

Sympathy Gifts To Console Someone Who Lost Pet

One of the unfortunate truths that there will be a time that we have to say goodbye to our beloved pets forever. For every pet owner, their furry companion is a treasured member of the family, that the absence of their pet’s existence will surely scar their heart. As a family member or a friend who has just experienced the loss of their pets, the only thing we can do is consoling them with a sympathy gift to preserve the memories of their beloved pets. However, selecting a sympathy gift is not an easy task since the gift needs to be thoughtful and personalized to each person. Noble Pawtraita pet lover ourselves, we understand the pain the owners must have gone through, so here is a quick guide on what gift might be able to soothe that pain. 

Customized pet portrait 

The loss of someone is painful because it means you can not see that person’s face anymore. It is no different from losing a pet, so the best way for a person to overcome this is to remind them with fond memories of their pet through pictures. This is why a pet portrait will not only a perfect way to honor the special relationship between the owner and their pet but also a way to get used to the absence of their pets. 

To make it more personal, you can find a theme such as Hero, Sport or Occupation, etc which best portrays their furry companion’s personality. This certainly makes the owner can feel their pet’s presence and maybe you can catch a glimpse of his or her smiling during that dark and painful time. 

Moreover, a common thing to do during the grieving process is to dedicate a special place to tribute the deceased pet. Hence, a customized pet portrait, which lasts for eternity, will be a perfect tribute piece for their special pet. 

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Customized blanket with pet

When anyone is feeling sad, they tend to stay at home or in bed in order to hide their vulnerability and have some time to deal with their emotion on their own. During this time, you can only show your support from afar by giving them something from the heart that you think might help with the moving on process. 

The hardest part of losing a pet is the physical touch, which is why giving them something they can hold or wrap themselves with such as a personalized blanket with their pet’s face would help to fill that emptiness. Having something that soft and has their departed pet on that can be held close to their heart will be a major help to get through those lonely times. 

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Customized hoodie with pet 

Losing a pet means losing the warmth of the pet. Therefore, a comfy hoodie with the face of their belated pet will help the owner stay warm and feel like their pet is still with them and protect them during those cold nights. And also when they are feeling lonely and missing their pet, they can just look down and see right there is their furry baby’s face. To make the picture more alive, you can dress up the pet in different customs or characters that your friend will feel more connected and can act like their pet is also like a real person in their life.


A pawprint of a pet is like a handprint of a human, it is unique and it only belongs to that particular pet. Most veterinarians will gladly make these pawprints free of charge during the final hour of the pet. However, the owner would be too emotional and rattled during that time, hence, you can ask this on their behalf. After that, the owner will be very appreciative of that gesture because thanks to you, they are able to preserve something that comes from their beloved pet.

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Other things you can do 

Although sympathy gifts are something you could do to show how much you care for that person, however, you can simply just be there for them and give them more attention to let them know that they are not alone in this situation. Having a person who is always available whenever they want to talk or cry is a very important thing during the grieving process. 


Getting over the loss of a pet is an inevitable thing that any pet owner will eventually go through. Though it is a sad thing, we think that our furry companions will never truly gone if we keep something about our pet that can remind us of those fond memories. Noble Pawtrait wants to be able to ease their pain and preserve those precious memories between the two of them.

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