7 Easy-To-Make DIY Cat Toys In 2021!

7 Easy-To-Make DIY Cat Toys In 2021!

Pet parents all want to find some toys that are fun for their likable cats and dogs. Typically, those busy with work prefer to purchase cat toys at the store or order some online. But DIY lovers or tight-budget cat parents cherish making cat toys by themselves. All they need is to come up with an idea, get some simple materials, and possess a little crafting skill. In this article, Noble Pawtrait will show the top 7 homemade cat toys that your feline friends are going to love.

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1.  Catnip Yarn Ball Toy

Catnip yarn ball toy is one of the easy-to-make DIY ideas that pet lovers can follow. It is entertaining and fun for cats to slowly unravel the yarn toy ball you have made with all your love.

To make a colorful catnip yarn ball toy, you need golf-ball-size balls, mod podge glue, a hot glue gun, yarn strips, and dried catnip.

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You can paint the ball using mod podge glue and coat it with dried catnip. Until catnip and glue have entirely dried, press hot glue onto the ball and stick a yarn strip to it. Afterward, you can start the first yarn wrapping. Just work in one direction for some turns and remember to change directions to cover the ball. You need to tie the yarn firmly before giving it to your cats to play around your house!

2. Fabric Cat Braid Toy

Creating a braided toy for your cats using fabric is an easy crochet cat toy idea since you can unleash your creativity, discover your crafting skill, and jazz up your cat’s playtime.

Fabric cat braid toys are simple to make with only two items - scissors and anti-pill fleece fabric.

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Now, let delve into the procedure to make this toy. First, you need to cut 3 fleece strips, each of which measures 1/2” wide and 8” long. Next, tie one end of these strips together in a knot and braid them tightly together. Finally, knot the other end of the strips together, and you have a lovely toy for your feline friends.

3. Sock Fish Toy For Cats

It is fun for cat lovers to see how their cute cats indulge in sniffing, biting, or batting around the fish toys. Hence, if you’re a DIY lover, you can spend time making different fish toys with diverse styles and colors for your cats.

To make a DIY fish toy, you need an old sock (preferably an ankle sock to form a fish shape easily), something to fill the sock, and a sharpie or marker.

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To create a unique fish toy, you need to fill the sock with whatever stuff you like, such as paper, cotton, catnip, or even another sock. Next, ensure everything is kept safe inside by tying a knot at the end of the sock. Just two simple steps to have a homemade cat toy! But if you want your fish toys more interesting, you can use a sharpie or marker to draw eyes, a mouth, or some scales on them.

4. Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy

It is one of the most simple DIY cat toy concepts you can make in a few minutes.  

With a pen/pencil and easy-to-buy pipe cleaners in craft supply stores, you can create soft toys for your cats to bat and carry around your house in his mouth.

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Image: catster

Regarding the procedure, you first need to hold the pen/pencil in one hand and take the colored pipe cleaner in the other hand. Then, wrap the pipe cleaner around the pen until it completely covers the pen. Finally, pull the pipe cleaner off of the pen and see your product.

5. Homemade Spider Cat Toy

Instead of throwing away your old T-shirt, you can transform it into a cute spider cat toy for your fluffy friend.  

You may be surprised by how it is easy to create your own DIY cat toy version with a few household items. Materials you'll need are a hair rubber band, an old T-shirt and scissors.

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Image: astheworldpurrs

After collecting all necessary materials, you can begin cutting the T-shirt into small strips about 1/2” wide and 4” long. Then, tie these fabric strips around the hair rubber band until it is wholly covered with fabric. If you wish, you can trim some excess fabric, and it’s time for your cats to play with your spider cat toy.

6. Toilet Ring Ball Cat Toy

It is easy to transform toilet paper rolls’ tubes that are often thrown away into something your cats like. Imagine how crazy your cats will be when trying to get the treats inside the ball.

You need to get material, including cardboard toilet paper rolls, scissors, and often but not required, some treats.

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Image: 3milliondogs

Just follow a few steps to have a fascinating homemade cat toy. First, mark four finger-width (1/4”) marks on the cardboard roll’s side. Then, cut individual rings using scissors. After that, insert one ring into the second ring, continue with the successive rings and doodle away to make the ball spiffy. You can put cat treats in this toy. Then, it’s playing time for your lovely kitties!

7. Cardboard Cat Tent

Cats are interested in hiding places around our houses, which gives them a sense of safety and security. And of course, a box is a fascinating place for them to hide! Hence, cat parents can satisfy the cat’s love of a secure cardboard box by turning a cardboard box into a cat tent.

The box tent is easy to make with simple materials: just a cushion, an old T-shirt, and a cardboard box.

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You can start by cutting two holes in the box side for your cat to enter and leave it freely. Then, make the tent warmer and more convenient by putting a cushion in the box bottom. Finally, pull the T-shirt over the box. The T-shirt neck should line up perfectly with a hole in the box, and the T-shirt bottom is over the other hole. You can make the sides look neater by tucking the sleeves.

Now, you have gone through various DIY ideas to inspire you to create cute cat toys for your feline friends. With a few easy-to-find household items, Noble Pawtrait hopes that you can create something fun for your cats to play, thus strengthening your bond with them.

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